Alzheimer’s – for the carers

Carolyn King has espoused a cause dear to her heart and is donating 100% of her proceeds from her stamp set Whimsical Autumn to the Alzheimer’s Association in honour of her Grandmother.

She has also an amazing blog candy on offer over at her blog to help publicise the role of the carers for those afflicted with this illness. Go and have a look – you’ll be gobsmacked! This is what she has asked entrants to do …

In celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day, we are reaching out to some amazing people who deserve to be thanked. ….the caregivers. Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is HARD work and an often thankless job. There are so many people who help and so—I am asking you to make a card for a caretaker of a person affected with Alzheimer’s. Yes, you can send it to someone you know. If you do not know anyone to send a card to you can send it to the address below (this is the home my grandmother lived in for the last few years of her life. The nurses, aids and support staff there were tremendous. It is such a difficult job and I would love to see them showered with cards!)

My immediate thought was to make a card for my parents-in-law – my husband’s grandmother developed Alzheimer’s and they cared for her for many years. I never knew her without Alzheimer’s … but was amazed at the love and patience shown by my father-in-law on his daily visits to her nursing home. She was more his child than his mother by then 😦

So I made this card to send to my in-laws to remind them of happier times and memories 🙂

The closing date for entering is Friday, September 26 at @ 8 PM (central time) which equates to Saturday 27th September @ 2am (BST)

I only came across this blog last night for the first time so hope you will have time to enter.

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One Response to “Alzheimer’s – for the carers”

  1. tiggertasitc Says:

    lovely card to give darlin, it is good to see the word Alzheimer’s with positive movements. Having the Whimsical Autumn sales it a excellent idea, and sending cards is very caring.

    I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s at the age of 57, she suffered for 6 years, bless her she waited until i tied the knot, then passed away 6 months to the date., Looking after her was very difficult at the age of 18 and I could not have done it without the help of my husband and the fantastic carers and neighbours we had.

    Sarah x

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