HTML for links within posts

I have decided it’s easier to just post challenges etc in one long posting but i obviously need to be able to direct people to the correct part of the post for the individual entries. Here’s my reminder for myself of how to do it!!!

First create an ‘anchor’ within the page for the link – end brackets missing so it shows up!

a name=”link name”>text that shows on the page</a

The link for that section would then be the normal URL for the posting plus #link name after the final /

It's best if there isn't a space in the "link name" text (Otherwise the web inserts %20 instead of the space) and it should be all lower case – so this wasn’t a good one to choose

a href=””></a

Then post the html into the comments in the normal way to create a link.

You can add links to the top of your post by creating an index and then using hyperlinks to take you to the relevant part of the post – then however you will need to add another hyperlink at the end of each section to take people back to the index – otherwise they get stranded halfway down the posting!!!

To hyperlink to another part of the post:

Create your link using the code below (write in the section whatever you want the words in the post to say) and make sure you use the same name as you used in your anchor:

a href=”#link name”>Click Here to go to …</a

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