HTML for links in comments

You’d think I’d remember this by now!!!

To make a link in a blog comment form then copy and paste all the following except for the square brackets [ ] inserting the URL – which is the whole bit in the address bar of your page – and whatever text you want to form the link!

<a href=”[url of your link here]”>[your text here]</a>


10 Responses to “HTML for links in comments”

  1. Louly Says:

    Oh wow Eve! You’re a star! thank you so much for that. xxxxx

  2. Jac Says:

    Fantastic have been wondering how to do this for a while now, totally agree with Louly, You’re and Star!

  3. Sue Kment Says:

    okay I am going to try it.
    <ahef=””Here’s my blog

  4. Sue Kment Says:

    oops, didn’t type it right the first time! Typo’s!!! Just for any other computer challenged bloggers…read her directions…you also don’t use the brackets, those are just there to show you where you will insert the information. I am a literal person LOL also make sure you use the whole address including the http part.

    Thank you thank you thank you…I have always wondered how that was done!

  5. Ruth Says:

    Great! Thank you!

  6. Sandra Says:

    Thank you for this,i’m going to try it from here,hope you don’t mind.once again thank you

    here is my blog

  7. Sandra Says:

    Hi again,thank you for trying the link for me,i’m sorry it didn’t work,i’m going to try once more,”MANY THANKS”,this is the last time i promise,but i so want to be able to do this,
    Sandra x

    here is my blog

  8. Sandra Says:

    Hi,you’ll be sick of me,but thanks,it works now,i’m over the moon,thank you,thank you,
    Sandra x

    PS i’ll leave you in peace now,have a good weekend.

  9. lesley Says:

    ooohhh see if i can figure this out
    here is my blog

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