Three in one challenge

I decided to have a go at a three in one challenge so this is Daring Cardmakers, Dottie’s World and Friday Sketchers entry … the challenges???

Daring Cardmakers

This week’s theme is All Mixed Up.
How come the majority of girls’ cards are pink and flowery and the boys are blue and have absolutely no flowers at all?
What about cars for girls??? hmmm?
This week Tracie wants you to mix up those genders and create cards with a little bit of something not normally found for that sex.

Dottie’s World

Everything today is focused on environmental issues, so lets GO GREEN in our Sunday Challenge! Show me how green you can get! But this is a green dish with a few extra ingredients, sprinkle it with three buttons or brads, season with a little ribbon, and finally add that special little “recycled something”. Plus of course it must contain at least one Charmed Cards & Crafts download.

Friday Sketchers

What do you think?

I followed the sketch, albeit on a different shaped card, just adjusting the flowers slightly to accommodate George and his wheelbarrow. All the papers are shades of green – hard to tell but the main backing piece is actually a very dark green corrugated card.

There are definitely flowers on the card – they had to be turquoise to match the thin wire so that may just fail part of the Daring Cardmaker challange 😦 … and for Dottie’s World there are not only three brads but certainly a lot of buttons on the backing paper. Everything came out of my stash, even George had been hanging around some little while so that’s reasonably green 🙂  BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RECYCLED BIT OF THE DOTTIE’S WORLD CHALLENGE ????

Aha!!! Look closely at the scalloped circles and then have a look at this …


7 Responses to “Three in one challenge”

  1. Karen Says:

    That’s just fabulous LOL. Great card and it certainly fulfilled all requirements. Thanks for playing xxxx

  2. Ruth Says:

    haha – love those scalloped circles! Great card and very good idea to make it fit more than one challenge!
    Ruth x

  3. Louly Says:

    Wow you’re a genius! And what better excuse to empty your chocolate box! I think it’s great to do multi challenges so you never need to worry about that. Thanks for playing Hunny.xx

  4. Juliet Says:

    Oh well done, very clever combining 3 challenges and the end result if fabulous!
    Juliet xx

  5. Jac Says:

    Great card, love the choc box scalloped circles, mmm think I might just have to go out and get myself a box of chocs now! lol

  6. Adele Says:

    No, no, no…this isn’t right at all…now you have me thinking chocolate!!!!LOL!

    Great card, fits in beautifully with the challnge. Well done.

    love Dingle.xx

  7. tiggertasitc Says:

    fantastic card eve, just stunning work

    Well done on getting 3 challenges into 1 card

    Sarah x

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