Dottie disaster !

I bought a Reeves Watercolour set at Sainsbugs for £4.33 … couldn’t pass it by at that price!

Thought I’d have a go at using these to colour some George and Dottie images that I printed off a while back. I mixed a great flesh colour and set about painting ‘Shopping Dottie’ – disaster!!!

Brush was too wet for starters and then the ink from my printer ran 😦 Dottie had a smudged nose, eyes and mouth and her chin had run onto her neck!

The more I tried to sort it by adding more watercolour to cover the smudges the worse it got! I tried giving Dottie some eyelashes and eyeshadow but that looked horrfic! Eventually I just put water all over her face and then blotted up as much paint as I could – that was when the surface of the paper started to come off!!!

Finally I sorted out the nose and gave her red lips and that seemed ok. I added some beads round her neck and that helped the chin a bit, so I added a matching bracelet! But the eyes! Looked like she’d been crying and her mascara had run 😦 [Can’t say i would have blamed her either!!!]

Finally – I added some sun glasses – bit wide over the bridge of her nise but did the trick!!!

Here’s the finished article! She looks like she’s got a bit of acne but otherwise I think she finally survived … and I’ve certainly learnt some new lessons!


One Response to “Dottie disaster !”

  1. Chris Says:

    Oh you did make me chuckle there Eve, but honestly if you hadn’t confessed all I would have been none the wiser. Turned out just fine in the end 🙂

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