I’m Grateful …

In every day that dawns,
I see the light of Your splendour around me;
And everywhere I turn,
I know the gift of Your favour upon me.
What can I do but give You glory, Lord?
Everything good has come from You.

I’m grateful for the air I breathe,
I’m so thankful for this life I live,
For the mercies that You pour on me,
And the blessings that meet every need.
And the grace that is changing me
From a hopeless case to a child that’s free,
Free to give You praise,
For in everything
I know You love me.
I know You love me.

Through all that I have known,
I have been held in the shelter of Your hand;
And as my life unfolds,
You are revealing the wisdom
Of Your sovereign plan.
There are no shadows in Your faithfulness,
There are no limits to Your love.

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