Exploding lasagne

Fry onion for couple mins, add extra lean mince meat and 2-3 garlic cloves and fry until beef is cooked.

Add 1 tin of toms, 1 carton of passata, 1 beef oxo, good slug of lea n perrins, mixed herbs …and cook for 5 mins until the sauce reduces slightly.
Make sure the sauce is more liquid than you would make a spag bol as the lasagne sheets suck up the water.

Layer lasagne sheets with the mince mix and for cheese sauce  use quark & 3 eggs with layer in middle and layer on top, then heA of cheese x 4 on top – to serve 4 people.

Cook at 180 for 45 mins until piping hot and golden brown

Recipe from Claire Robinson at Intake and Dunsville groups

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