Mistletoe and Wine 2

It had to be this for my stepsister …

The inspiration for this card came from the This Thursday challenge this week:

This weeks challenge is called Mistletoe and Wine. You can use it as a title, You can use mistletoe and wine images, or you can use the colours. Or as usual you can use it any way it inspires you.

Jan loves Cliff – more than I do – and that’s saying something!!!! He is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the words ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ – I can imagine Jan and hubby dancing to Cliff just like Dottie and George!!!

Totally accidentally this also almost qualifies for the challenge over at Dotties World:

I would like to see a download, or downloads, interacting in
some way with a picture of either the recipient or “something else”. So
it doesn’t have to be a picture of a person but it must be a real
photograph, and not just clipart etc. You could of course just do a
layout and that would cover the requirements; it’s up to you.

Now Dottie and George are interacting with the Cliff record cover  as they dance to the song – does this count as the “something else”?

Anyway … I liked the idea so much that I copied it for my other stepsister who is a big fan of Tommy Steele!!!


3 Responses to “Mistletoe and Wine 2”

  1. susiebwell Says:

    I knew someone would bring Cliff in at some point!!!LOL
    Fabby cards! TFPxxx

  2. tiggertastic Says:

    fantastic work as always Eve, enjoyed popping onto your blog tonight

    Sarah x

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