Miserable …

My neck is easing but I now have Adhesive Capsulitis in my shoulder which is probably related to the neck injury – just had a look on the web and that seems to be a new term for frozen shoulder. Basically means that I am finding it very painful to type and also that I can’t easily make cards :-(- nor can I play my flute and dogwalking is a bit of a logistical nightmare … my kitchen is a tip cos I can’t reach into cupboards so everything is living on the worktop …

I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of depression and it wouldn’t take much to knock me over – my flute and card making are the main things that help me to keep sane

I’ve been reading the challenge blogs but know I can’t even manage a very simple card at the moment – I’ve struggled to make two simple ATCs for the CB forum and still have a bookmark to make – the bookmark is stars and stripes – think it will end up as a printed version of the USA flag …

Half of me keeps thinking that other people manage so why can’t I – then the pain kicks in again and I’m in tears – I think having dealt with constant pain for the last two weeks is dragging me down …


4 Responses to “Miserable …”

  1. tiggertastic Says:

    i do hope you feel better soon hun, take care, sarah xx

  2. pinkpuppy Says:

    Thinking of you, and hoping you feel better very soon! ((hugs))

  3. june Says:

    Hi hun, sounds horrendous and really painful. I have suffered similarly and understand how nasty this is. My thoughts are with you and sendingget well very very soon wishes
    Hugs June xxx

  4. Torpenhow07 Says:

    Eve hope you feel better soon being in pain all the time is awful
    Pop along to my blog if you have time, there is something there for you

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