Picasso vs Bus – Picasso lost

My car

Bus pulled straight out in front of me on a roundabout

I spent y’day afternoon in casualty. Have a lovely seatbelt bruise developing across my chest, pain in neck, very painful right shoulder and pincer grip in right hand and my back is hurting.

Card making not an otion at the moment cos i can’t use my right hand properly – which is a problem as I need a card for two friend’s birthday, my aunt’s 80th and another friend next week.

I’m also supposed to be preaching at my church on Sunday – have to see how that goes – although standing up seems best for my back at the moment.

Funny thing is – last time I was due to preach I got stuck in our bedroom as the door lock went – had to break the door frame with the help of a neighbour’s husband!


2 Responses to “Picasso vs Bus – Picasso lost”

  1. Lea Says:

    Oh Eve! It really shakes you up doesn’t it? I hope you feel better and your injuries heal soon. Stupid bus, I hope all the insurance stuff goes through quickly so your poor car gets mended. x

  2. Louly Says:

    Oh no! Eve darling what terrible news! It must have really shaken you up. I’m sending a big (but gentle) hug in your direction.xxxxx

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