This is the longest lasting cold ever. ..

It started on 17th September – I sneeze continuously and my nose runs continuously for about 24-36 hours. Then my nose and sinuses are completely blocked and I get an horrendous headache – then I have about one day of feeling reasonable again and the whole cycle starts off again.

I’ve tried antihistamines in case its an allergy but they don’t seem to have made much difference.

Every day I think- today has got to be the worst day- by tomorrow I’ll  be feeling better. I just can’t believe how much mucus one nose can produce.

I’ve used menthol, Lemsip, Sudafed, anti histamines, Beecham powders, hot milk and whiskey, hot lemon and honey, hot whiskey, lemon and honey, Vick Sinex – you name it.

I’ve a nose so sore it glows and lips that are cracked and dry through so much mouth breathing. I’ve just started my sixth box of Kleenex Balsam Tissues and have used every carrier in the house for the rubbish.

I’m worn out and sooooooooo tired. Free Emoticons

I’m not getting anything done

How much longer …

3 Responses to “This is the longest lasting cold ever. ..”

  1. pinkpuppy Says:

    Really hope your cold goes away very very soon! ((((hugs)))) to you!

  2. Snaggles Says:

    Really hope you feel better soon hun
    Big squishy hugs
    Phillipa xx

  3. Max Says:

    Oh Me Oh My … you and me both. Was considering buying shares in Kleenex ‘cos I must’ve boosted the sales 100% over the last month LOL!
    You sound as fed up as I am of feeling so yuk for so long. It’s so draining. Hope you are soon feeling better.


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