Busy week ahead …

Got lots to do this week and will be wearing many different hats …

Sunday – day of rest!!!

  • Walk dog
  • Lead worship at church
  • Friend’s christening lunch
  • Get son to do 6 lots of homework
  • Prayer meeting prior to City Celebration
  • City Celebration
  • Ministry team at City Celebration

Monday – Chair of Autistic Society and Church hats today

  • Contact worship leaders from Leeds for next Sunday’s worship
  • Meet friend and arrange and prepare  Sunday School for next Sunday
  • Chair meeting of Autistic Society and arrange half term events
  • Identify and apply for funding for next year
  • Design letter to send to stall holders at next year’s World Autism Day Conference we are hosting

Tuesday – Church hat and day off today

  • Ladies who lunch!
  • Prepare Bible study for tonight’s meeting

Wednesday – Church hat today

  • Prayer meeting

Thursday – School Governor hat today

  • Finish reviewing school policies for next week’s inclusion meeting
  • Identify evidence sources to apply for Charter Mark
  • Review details for next week’s staffing meeting
  • Read up on agenda items for full body meeting next week

Friday – Teacher’s hat today

  • Bible study group – Freedom in Christ course

As well as all this there is the run of the mill shopping, cooking, washing, dog walking, chauffeuring etc etc

Don’t think I’ll be entering too many challenges this week!!!

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One Response to “Busy week ahead …”

  1. Snaggles Says:

    Wow wee – you are one busy lady!!

    Phillipa xx

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