This Thursday Round Tuit

OK – quick post here cos son due home from school any minute! This is my round tuit project …

Here’s the brief:

So we want you to think about all those craft projects that you have been meaning to get a round to, choose one and do it. if you are the very odd person who always does everything as soon as they think of it, you can use a round tuit (small round pin dish) either make one, decorate or alter one. Or create a peice reflecting the reasons why you don’t get a round to it. LOL  Or as per usual you can use the title in anyway it inspires you.

There are many projects I want to do … waterfall card for starters … but I had this project in mind for another challenge and decided to bite the bullet – in the end I’m not using it for the other challenge after all but here it is – a very basic pop-out card – my first 3d card!!!


5 Responses to “This Thursday Round Tuit”

  1. Tracey AKA rattytatty Says:

    Great Love all the papers you have used. Glad we inspired you to get another project done
    Thanks for taking part in this thursdays challenge

  2. susiebwell Says:

    lovely project Eve, thanks for playing!xx

  3. Tracey AKA rattytatty Says:

    ps yes the mystery prize was from my stash raid. Hope you like it I sent you an e mail saying that there was a tin for alterin and a microscope slide pendant kit

    Hi Tracey
    The email must be floundering in cyberspace somewhere!!! Never made it to my inbox or even spam!
    Makes sense now – wondered what the slides were for!

  4. SewDelish Says:

    Lovely card Eve! The colours are gorgeous.


  5. JUNE Says:

    Hi Eve, these cards are lovely and your blog is really stunning. such a lot going on 🙂 I shall add your page on my blogroll
    Hugs June xxxxx

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