The challenge over at This Thursday this week is ‘Masquerade’. The majority of people seem to have gone for masks of some sort but the first thing that came to mind for me was the song ‘Masquerade’ from the Phantom of the Opera – so here’s my take on it … most of the elements come from Let’s Make Cards issue 18 – the ‘Remember’ I had already used on a competition entry so I scanned it into the computer and printed it on card to use again!!!


5 Responses to “Masquerade”

  1. Tracey aka rattytatty Says:

    Love the phantom of the opera film. He’s so sexy LOL Liked him in 300 as well
    Great Love all the elements you have used the whole thing works so well
    Thanks for joining in with this weeks challenge

  2. susiebwell Says:

    Brilliant take on the challenge, congratulations on winning last weeks challenge. thanks for playing! xx

  3. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    What a great collage!! You and I were on the same wave-length, as I was also inspired by the song from Phantom! Your piece is beautiful! Thanks for joining-in with the challenge!!

  4. Dawn Says:

    Lovely collage – love your phantom!

  5. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    …and, congratulations on winning the draw!!

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