Dreadful decoupage! (Part 2)

Here’s the second card – the doves were nearly as difficult as the angels to push out  😦 until I got a bright light on the back of the die-cuts … weren’t fully cut along the wings – neither was the star – so I got out my craft knife and made some more cuts.

Decided to go for an aperture card – made my own nightmare with this!!! Decided to use the acetate from my Let’s Make Cards mag to cover the aperture and then stick the decoupage onto this then have some of the backing paper on the rear of the card to show through the apeture.

Fine – hunky dory – till I looked inside the card … there was a mess from the back of the acetate where it was stuck on, you could see the sticky pads through the acetate and the rear paper had gone on wonky!!! Managed to make an insert with matching apertures – went in a bit wonky but as my Mother’s favourite saying is ” a blind man’d be glad to see it ” she’d better not moan! 🙂 Then I cut an oval of backing paper and stuck that on the inside of the aperture to cover the view of the sticky pads.

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One Response to “Dreadful decoupage! (Part 2)”

  1. natalie wallace sequin Says:

    i think you’ve created a beautiful decoupage card there, it’s lovely. Don’t put yourself down x

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