And also …

The challenge at Dottie’s World this week is entitled AND ALSO

I would like you to make a card or something,which of course is using a download/s from Charmed Cards AND ALSO…..something which can be removed from it,such as a tag,bookmark,notelets

So … birthday coming up for one of the chaps at church who works for the Highways Agency – you know those black and yellow 4x4s that make you think they are the police until you get a bit closer!!!!!

I have been dying to do something with the policeman George from George at work and here was my chance … I just coloured him in the Highways Agency colours instead of police colours!

So … the ‘and also’ part is a removable bookmark for his bible (at least I hope the glue lives up to its promises and it IS removable!!!) while the whole card is Chris and his job!!! Look closely at the cones and you will see the words ‘Happy Birthday!’


6 Responses to “And also …”

  1. Jackie Walker Says:

    What a great card Eve

  2. Ruth Says:

    What a great idea! Super card! Ruth x

  3. Louly Says:

    Eve that’s ingenius! What a great idea to adapt police man George and he photo works perfectly too.I love it.
    I’ll add a link to it in the comments and hopefully that will work. I hope you gett your commentt problem sorted soon chuck.

  4. Sarah Says:

    This is amazing. I love it and it’s such a great idea. Fingers are crossed for the glue. BTW, what glue is it please? Sarah C xxx

  5. ultramum Says:

    Sarah – hope you read this …

    I’m having a fight with blogspot blogs – I can’t seem to access comments on any of them 😦

    The glue is Quickie Glue Pen – i think Sakura make it – it goes on blue and is permanent if you use it while it is still blue – once it turns clear (only a min or so) it is supposed to be temporary

  6. Adele Says:

    Oh wow…look at the reflective strips on his jacket…how? Are they glowing or is it just my imagination?

    Great, great card!!!

    love Dingle.x

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