Pet hate – word verification!

Grr! Been around blogland this evening but have given up commenting where there is word verification required – not got my reading glasses to hand so I keep getting them wrong and I’m not a touch typist so typing a weird selection of letters can take a while – especially when they are often letters I don’t use much like x and z.

Then I came across this post and it says exactly what I feel – thank you Heather 🙂


– if you only get a few comments a day – turn it off and see what difference it makes. If you have comment moderation then you probably won’t get too many spam messages. If you do then by all means turn it on again!


3 Responses to “Pet hate – word verification!”

  1. Adele Says:

    I often struggle with this but put it on on my blog ages ago after I kept getting dodgy messages. I have taken it off now so fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the link hunney!

    love Dingle.x

  2. Jackie Walker Says:

    Have just turned it off on my blog after reading this so fingers crossed I don’t get any dodgey comments or else it will be going back on

  3. Christine (Craftling) Says:

    Well done, Adele and Jackie!! I would recommend that you have comment moderation INSTEAD of word verification, though. That way, you can still protect your blog from spam, but without hindering your visitors from leaving you comments with those wretched little mis-shapen beasts they have the audacity to call ‘letters’! Grrr.

    Chris xx

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