Not done a lot of crafting this week – burnout set in over the baptism cards and it has been J’s birthday and also his baptism so a lot to deal with. We also had some very bad news about one of the families due to come to the baptism – their 8 year old son had a severe anaphylactic reaction to something he ate and has died. His parents had to make the heartbreaking decision of turning off his life support after a brain scan showed that it was just the machines keeping him alive 😦

I just cannot imagine how they are feeling 😦

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  1. Tracey AKA rattytatty Says:

    That is terrible, my heart goes out to them, and to you to as it must also be a shock to you as well.

    I actually came across to say that you are this weeks winner at http://www.thisthursday.wordpress.com and if you e mail us at thisthursday@artlover.com we will dispatch your prize asap . Again sorry to hear you are having such a distressing time,
    bye fo now

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